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Meet Raelynn

Graphic Designer, Artist, Rebelle Rally Navigator

During her career at the newspaper, Raelynn won several Arizona Newspapers Association awards for her print and web ad designs, special sections and various page layouts including "Best Color Ad" in 2012 and "Best Online Ad" in 2013.

Raelynn competed in the 2022 and 2023 Rebelle Rally, as a navigator, with her teammate Sheila Long, driver. You can follow their journey on instagram at:


In her spare time Raelynn enjoys travelling, creating art and spending time with her three Labrador Retrievers: Aria (black), Kona (chocolate) and Gracie Mae (yellow). Raelynn's first Labrador was a black lab named Dusty Rose.

Raelynn and her husband welcomed Archie, an Airedale Terrier mix, into their family in May 2023.


Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose, an 8 week old puppy, was dumped on my doorstep, in the country. in 1998.  We would find out later she was one of 5 puppies from the same litter dumped on the doorsteps of 5 different houses on the same rural, dirt road. 


She was covered in dirt and had a cactus needle stuck in the delicate pink skin of her belly. 


After getting a clean bill of health from our local vet and an unanswered  "found puppy" ad in the local newspaper, Dusty became mine.  For almost 10 years she was my everything and today I operate a business named after her.

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